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Ship Handling Training Courses

DURBAN is one among the locations for the worlds excellent Ship Handling Centers and ARUPATH which is originated from DURBAN offers the various training courses on Ship Handling that meets international maritime industry standards. With an invaluable new state-of-the-art training facility, using accurately scaled manned ship models to simulate the handling characteristics of actual vessels, ARUPATH Offers the following Courses:

Masters, Deck Officers and Pilots

  • Ship Handling (Manned Models)
  • Advanced Ship Handling (Manned Models)
  • Formal Assessment of Ship Handling
  • Ship Handling and Emergency Procedures
  • Offshore Oil Operations
  • Ship Handling Appreciation

Specialist Pilots

  • Pilots Combined Ship Handling (Manned Models) and Bridge Simulator
  • Pilots Emergency Procedures
  • Pilots Professional Development
  • Formal Assessment of Ship Handling

Design and development of this innovative training courses have successfully integrated over various Ship model operating expertise with a comprehensive understanding of the maritime industrys needs to deliver world-leading facilities and programmes. As the only centre of its kind in the South Africa, and with only few other major centres in the world, it provides invaluable specialised training and assessment for Captains and senior officers in ship handling, enabling mariners to practice and progress their ship handling skills through trial manoeuvres in a safe environment.

With the ARUPATH's full mission electronic Bridge Simulator available for blended courses, the fleet of nine different ship models, a jack up oil rig and four tugs allows an extensive range of ship handling scenarios to be carried out using a variety of models, berths, canals, channels and basins.